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Qendon was the second student of Go An Ah Ride Motorcyschool and learnt to ride on the Yamaha XV250S Virago pictured below.
Don't Worry, Qendon did not learn to ride with shorts and a tank top. On the day of the photo, he had just passed his Hazard Perception Test and recieved his P plates, so I asked him to sit on the bike for these photos.

Qendon used a single Learner's Phase 1 Log Book to complete his hours using both his car and motorcycle. Then on 11th August 2011, Qendon passed his Practical Driving Assessment, and received his Phase 2 Learner's Permit. After many Log Book rides, he passed his Hazard Perception Test and received his R-E Class Provisional Licence. Well Done Qendon!

With his R-E licence, Qendon was able to ride a LAMS Approved Motorcycle without supervision while displaying red and white P Plates and also permitted to ride a Non LAMS Approved Motorcycle while displaying L Plates under supervision. He did this on the Go An Ah Ride Motorcyschool Honda XLV750R pictured below.

Qendon Qendon

After Qendon had held his red and white "P" Plates for six months and held his green and white
"P" Plates for six months, he was able to sit the R Class Practicle Driving Assessment.
                      Skate Park
Wagin Skate Park the day of the Assessment.

He passed on 20th September 2013 in Wagin and is now allowed to ride an Unrestricted Motorcycle, unsupervised while displaying
green and white P Plates.

Qendon is doing this on his
XL1200V Harley Davidson 72.
Qendon Qendon
Congratulations Qendon.
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