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Hill Parking

Parking on a Hill - Downhill or Uphill?

The following is located in the
used by assessors during a Practical Driving Assessment in Western Australia.

Row 7. Hill Park, "Fails to Angle Front Wheel to Kerb When Parked."

This is a direct contradiction to the Department of Transport, Western Australia - Motorcycle Competency Standard, Version 10, Approved 04/10/2012. View Here

Section 1.1.3 Make sure that when you leave a motorcycle it is parked safely.
Ensure the motorcycle is positioned either parallel or at an angle (if appropriate) with the rear wheel against the kerb.

So should it be FRONT WHEEL or REAR WHEEL?

It seems the creators of the Assessment Scoresheet have never ridden a motorcycle.
I cannot see how angling the front wheel toward the kerb while parked uphill will prove anything.
I prefer the advice given in the Competency Standard.

The Practical Driving Assessment is based on the Ride Safe Handbook.
The problem is that the Handbook does not discuss this topic.
So we will have to look at other sources to solve this contradiction.

Downhill Parking:
My Opinion First: Obviously if parking in a bay facing downhill, if you park with your front wheel turned in toward the kerb; as stated on the assessment sheet, then when leaving the bay, you would have to dangerously push the bike backward uphill to get the front wheel off the kerb. This could cause back injuries and is unsafe, due to relying on your shoe tread to grip the road surface on tiptoes.

The Official New Zealand Road Code states the following. View Here

"Parking on a steep hill can be difficult. When facing downhill the advice for a car driver is to turn the front wheels towards the kerb. Doing this with a motorcycle and placing it on the side stand may make it unstable and difficult to get upright. It may be safer to park on the other side of the road, facing uphill. Try various positions to find out what is best for your motorcycle. It should be stable and easy to lift off the side stand."

Department of Transport Alberta has this to say. View Here

"It is recommended that you do not park your motorcycle facing downhill. If you must do this temporarily, place the motorcycle at about a 45-degree angle to the curb. Ensure the motorcycle is in first gear. Lock the steering to the left. If the motorcycle does move it will likely fall to the left."

Uphill Parking:
My Opinion: If parking in a bay facing uphill, the most sensible method is to stop past the bay, then roll backward into the bay to place the rear wheel against the kerb, with the bike at a 45 degree angle. Exiting the bay is as simple as riding the clutch to move forward, away from the kerb.

The Official New Zealand Road Code. View Here

"Parking a motorcycle safely requires some thought. When facing uphill back the motorcycle to the kerb and leave it in gear. Don't forget to lock it. Being at an angle to the kerb allows you to see what is coming when you start off again. See Safe riding tips for more information."

Department of Transport Alberta has this to say. View Here

"On a hill, it is best to park facing uphill. This is to prevent the motorcycle rolling forward off the stand. If a curb is present, have the rear wheel make contact with the curb to prevent the motorcycle from rolling back."


Park in gear with the side-stand on the downhill side.

If the side-stand points uphill, the bike will be too upright to be stable.

  If you can't park it in a manner to prevent your motorcycle from rolling or becoming unstable, choose another parking place.

If you have NO OTHER CHOICE but to park facing downhill, turn off the engine with the motorcycle in first gear, and place the kick stand downhill allowing the bike to lean. if the motorcycle rolls, it will just roll off the side stand and lay on it's side.

Park Uphill.
It is better to park uphill, safely, or park a block away and walk back.

If you choose the safe option and do not angle your front wheel toward the kerb during your assessment, the assessor is able to mark you off as Fair on the Assessment Scoresheet.
But it's only one Fair so your not likely to fail.

4 Fair = 1 Poor
And it takes 4 Poors to fail.

Now let's look at some videos!

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