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Lane Splitting/Filtering

Lane Splitting is used to describe moving through traffic that is in motion.

Lane Filtering is used to describe moving through traffic that is stopped.

1. Lane Splitting - Office of Road Safety W.A

Lane Splitting/Filtering is an unsafe practice which usually contravenes the road rules.

While the Australian Road Rules and WA Road Traffic Code 2000 do not explicitly ban  Lane Splitting/Filtering, they do prohibit the practice by virtue of the fact that a number of other rules may be and are regularly contravened during the manoeuvres, such as not signalling before a lane change, riding with the wheels on the lane line, crossing continuous lane lines, safe overtaking and so on.

2. Lane Splitting Now Legal in NSW
Lane Splitting was Legalised in New South Wales on 1st July 2014.
Lane Filtering Legalised in NSW

3. A Video that explains why Motorcyclists Split Lanes
Filmed in the USA, about Lane Splitting/Filtering.

Click Here to Watch

My Comment: This video has highlighted an important point, US States that allow Lane Filtering have statistically lower rates of vehicles "rear ending" motorcycles. Remember, statistics are not just numbers, they are real lives saved!

5. Conclusion
Neither Lane Splitting or Lane Filtering is illegal in Western Australia.
However, depending on the police officer that pulls you over, you can be fined if you:

Two Lanes at Once
Put your foot down in another lane than the lane your bike is in

Cross Continuous Line
Cross over the continuous white line at the intersection.

Protrude Stop Line

Place your front tyre beyond the stop line.

Not Indicating

Travel over the lane dividing line (change lanes) without indicating.

Overtake on the Left
Travel between traffic while it is moving, (Lane Splitting), because you are overtaking on the left of another vehicle, while it is not turning right or performing a u-turn.

Western Australian Law

Road Traffic Act 1974
Road Traffic Code 2000
Road Traffic Licensing Regulations 1975
Road Traffic Vehicle Standards Rules 2002
Road Traffic Vehicle Standards Regulations 2002
Road Traffic Authorisation to Drive Regulations 2008

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