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Do you make wheelchair accessible sidecars?
Handicap Accessible Motorcycles
How do I add Reverse Gear?
Where can I hire a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar?
I need a sidecar with Wheelchair Access

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Visitor - Do you make wheelchair accessible sidecars?

I was hoping that this site is still open or up and running. My name is John and I am 24. I'm also in a wheelchair due to an accident in 2006. I was wondering if you still made wheelchair accessible sidecars? John
Haul N Ride - Hi John,
Haul N Ride is here to help people like you to locate a manufacturer or tour operator and discuss with others on the forum about your project if building your own ride.
We have never manufactured a wheelchair accessible sidecar. We have had a sidecar fabricated for our daughter. Shanniah's Project
If your 24 then you probably will want to drive rather than be a passenger. I suggest you try these pages on Haul N Ride.
Driven from sidecar
Riddan Nippi

Check out the V8 version: http://www.bosshossct.com/advantage_1.php
and Check out the big trikes: http://www.mobilityconquest.com/
Let the http://www.haulnride.com/forum.html know what your looking for so other online readers can share their ideas. Glad to have met you John.
Have a great day. Dave
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Visitor - Handicap Accessible Motorcycle

Dear Sirs/Madam, I am a 63 year old male with an aka of the left leg and searching for a handicap accessible motorcycle. I have complete use of right leg and both hands and arms. I am also on a budget so financing is the only way for me at this time. Thank you for your time in this matter. Michael
Haul N Ride - Hi Michael, We do not sell bikes, Haul N Ride website was created to help people like yourself find manufacturers and suppliers. I think the best option for you, would be to buy any bike you like, and add the gear shift button to the handlebars. I rode a 1975 Yamaha XS with a wheelchair accessible sidecar using a Klicktronic. It works well.
This website may also be useful:
If you would prefer to remain in a wheelchair, another option could be to purchase one of the following:
Mobililty Conquest, Nippi, Boss Hoss, Chris Trikes or a Riddan Nippi.
Take a look through the Haul N Ride webpages:
Click Here
If you like, we could put an advert on this page.
Let us know if you do and good luck, Dave
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Visitor - Add Reverse Gear

Hello, My father has a rigid hack 3/4 sidecar on his Kawasaki 1100 Vulcan. He is 78 and although he is still fit, he would like to install reverse gear on his bike, can anyone suggest the best way to go about this. He is on the black dog run at the moment and is pulling a camper trailer behind his sidecar. I would appreciate any help and advice you can offer. Kind Regards, Gillian 
Haul N Ride - Hi Gillian, There is a simple solution to solve this problem without modifying the motorcycle.
Please watch this video (not in English):
and then visit the following webpage:
Kind Regards, David
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Visitor - Where can I hire a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar?

I am a support worker for a young girl with an acquired brain injury, when she was 16 she was hit by a car and is now in a wheelchair and has limited function of her legs and right arm, her birthday is coming up and she dreams of riding in a sidecar, I want to surprise her with a ride in one and was hoping someone could help me. Nicole
Haul N Ride - Hi Nicole, My daughter (13) and I have ridden around Perth and from Perth to Katanning in the Dreamfit sidecar. You may contact Darren Lomen at Dreamfit Foundation (he is very friendly) to organize hiring the Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar. Chris or Darren could take her as they are experienced riders.
Here are the sidecar details:
Dreamfit_Foundation Wheelchair Sidecar
If you are in the Eastern States then try Wheel Adventures:
Hope this helps. Let us know how she likes it. Cheers Dave
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Visitor - Where can I hire a Wheelchair Accessible Sidecar?

Looking for a wheel chair access Motor bike for December if you can get back to me located near penrith nsw..
Haul N Ride - Hi Stephen, Unfortunately wheelchair accessible motorcycles are few and far between. All we can offer is you take a look at this page: Haul N Ride Access Tours
If you do find another provider of wheelchair accessible tours/hire, please let us know.
Good luck, Kind Regards Dave
Haul N Ride - Hi Stephen, Were you successful in locating a wheelchair accessible motorcyle? Dave

Visitor - Hi thanks for getting back to me have you got a pic of the bike thanks..
Haul N Ride - Hi Stephen, Sorry you misunderstood me. I was asking if you found a wheelchair accessible bike. Dave
Visitor - Sorry no we didn't find one..
Haul N Ride - No worries. Maybe you need to take a holiday to the Sunshine Coast and hire WheelAdventures sidecar. http://www.wheeladventures.com.au/
There is definitely a shortage of wheelchair accessible sidecars in Australia. Please let us know if you find one in NSW so I can put the details on my website. Take Care, Dave
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