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Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves Review – Stay Warm — 6 Comments

  1. You are so on time with this. I have a cycling site and I posted on a glove that was 30 below glove but not electric. Someone asked me do I know of a glove that would work if they rode a motorcycle. You are dealing with another degree of cold going from a bike to a motorcycle. I am going to forward this to him because this is what he was looking for I am sure.

  2. Hi Ronnie, I am glad this review was helpful and should enable your friend to select the perfect heated glove for his needs. It is great to know that the gloves with a battery in the cuff would be suitable for cycling and many other winter sports. It is a pity these were not available when I was a teenager riding a push bike with ice on the handlebars to work each day. But at least I experienced how cold fingers can get. Have a great day. Dave

  3. Wow! What a comprehensive review! I’m interested in the FirstGear Carbon Heated Gloves Black. The price seems right for the amount of features and quality it offers.

    Although I’m a complete newbie to heated gloves. Do you think these ones are good for me or do you have a better recommendation? Cheers.

  4. Hi Brandon, my advice is to look carefully at the Product Features, imagine you already own these gloves and ask yourself two simple questions.

    1. Would you like to pull over on the side of the road to use your phone without taking your warm/cozy glove off?

    2. Would you like to jump on any bike and have warm hands, or will you only use your bike? (Cuff Battery Gloves allow you to be warm on any bike without being tethered).

    If neither of these are important to you then I could not recommend a better heated glove.
    Keep in mind that if you decide to purchase a FirstGear Jacket Liner later on, then you will be able to use your gloves on any bike (un-tethered).
    I hope my reply has helped with your decision. Have a great day. Dave

  5. HI, nice reviews! I need an electric heated glove as I probably have bad circulation and my hands feel very cold.
    I am particularly interested in the Gerbin, which is also wind and waterproof. I feel confident to buy it as it’s considered the leaders in electric heated clothing. I will probably get a jacket as well. I am glad I can buy this glove here in the UK.


    • Hi Stefan, Gerbing is a nice choice. As you saw in the review, these gloves provide all options. You can ride with batteries in the cuffs, tether to your motorcycle battery or as you mentioned, connect to a jacket liner. If you will be riding a motorbike, I think the knuckle protected option would be best. Enjoy the outdoors with toasty warm hands and ride safe. Dave

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