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Biker Furry Friends – Animals Love Motorcycles Too — 6 Comments

  1. The video is hilarious. We have a small dog (bichon/shih tzu mix). He likes to go for rides in the car. My husband has a motorcycle, and would love the Kuryakyn Grand Pet Palace Motorcycle Bag Luggage. I will surely point him to your website.

    Thanks for sharing with us pet owners.

  2. Hi Kay, I’m sure your best friend would love to ride with your husband. Do you ride pillion with him. You could go as a family. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Have a great day. Dave

  3. Wow! Your post is really great! It’s so funny, original and at the same time provides excellent info, reviews & videos. I enjoyed the read and laughed a lot
    I find these small pat motorcycle bags very practical and what is more important – safe!

    But…. what about bigger pats?
    Thanks for your excellent post,

  4. Hi Vesna, I am very glad you found the article entertaining. Animals are so cute and keep us laughing. I couldn’t imagine a world without them.

    I did cover options for larger pets. A sidecar/motorcycle combination is perhaps the best and most affordable option available.

    You may see examples of sidecar styles by clicking on this link.

    Safety is just as important for passengers (including animals) as it is for the rider.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Have a great day. Dave

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