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Flexible Sidecar Combination – Both the Bike and Sidecar Lean — 2 Comments

  1. I have a Honda NC 700 and would like to build a leaner from scratch. Would like to know if anyone has built a leaner for a nc 700 and where to mount the basic under carriage.
    I found your site most informative.


    • Hi Shaun, I do hope an owner of a Honda NC 700 Leaner Sidecar replies your query.
      I notice that some NC 700s have a Centre Stand, while others have a Side Stand.
      If you have a Centre Stand, removing the stand would provide a great attachment point for the undercarriage Rear Attachment.
      As they are welded by the manufacturer, you can be sure they will provide a solid attachment.
      My FJ1200 carries 140kg sidecar, 110kg wheelchair and 55kg occupant, and is attached at that point.
      If you scroll down on the following page, you will see how this was achieved:

      If you examine the examples on the following link, you will notice the front mount will be slightly higher than the rear mount.
      This automatically steers the sidecar as your motorcycle leans.
      Under the heading Leaner Sidecar Attachment, there is an excellent video to demonstrate this.
      Good luck with your Honda/Leaner Sidecar project.

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