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Motorcycle Camper Trailers & Sidecars – Explore the World — 2 Comments

  1. That is pretty cool that they sell all of these accessories for motorcycles. To be quite honest with you I have been riding motorcycles for about 2 years and didn’t even realize you could buy all these accessories for them.

    I really like the one where you can attach your tent to your motorcycle. I love to camp and never actually thought of going camping and taking my tent (and my girlfriend) or course with me.

    However, I do have a question for you. Where is the best place to get one of these accessories? They are probably pretty expensive, right?

    • Hi Garen, motorcycle camper trailers cost roughly the same price as car camper trailers. The main difference is weight, motorcycles require much less weight and a smaller trailer. Brakes on the trailer are also a good idea, to avoid the trailer pushing the motorbike forward. I provided a number of examples of camper trailers in the post, but not being sure where you live, you may need to do a search in your country. Sidecar campers are extremely rare and as far as I know, most are homemade. The simplest and least expensive way to begin camping would most likely be a swag or cot tent. If you like it, then perhaps invest in one of the ideas I presented. Happy camping and safe riding. Dave

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