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Prevent Condensation – Motorcycle Covers, Corrosion and Rust — 2 Comments

  1. OMG! I can only imagine your friend’s reaction when he finds that his motorcycle was showing signs of corrosion and rust from condensation. It’s one thing to have a bike that is worn and rusting from use…at least you are enjoying it as it wears down. To store your bike most of the time then find it rusted when you are ready to finally use it is a real slap in the face. This article should help many people avoid the same disappointment your friend Tony had. Hahaha loved the note about only Harley Davidson Bikes can only be under a Harley cover with its company’s logo. Alos loved your collection of bikes…add drooling here.
    Is it recommended to put something under bike /on the floor to stop the moisture from rising through the concrete? Maybe a type of mat?
    Great job!

  2. Hi Paul, I’m glad you found the article both entertaining and educational. I’m sure you have been in a moldy room in a house that has a cement floor. This is usually due to rising moisture below the carpet.

    In this situation the best option would be to place a plastic sheet below the motorbike so the moisture cannot rise into the bike cover. Carpet would be great on a dry floor as it will soak up moisture without becoming moist itself.

    The most important point in this article is to take the cover off and dry it out, then wipe down the motorbike and run it to warm it up, and finally leave the motorbike and cover out in the sun to air out. and do this once a week at least.

    If you are going away on holiday or working away, then in that situation you cannot do the above. The best option would be to invest in Zerust motorcycle bag.

    The blue Harley was my brother in law’s. It was his pride and joy. Unfortunately cancer took him from us, so I wanted to share the memory of his ride.

    Keep you bike dry, enjoy your rides and ride safe.
    Have a great day. Dave

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