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Reevu Helmet Review – Rear Vision Inside Your Helmet — 4 Comments

  1. Great helmet, brother! As someone who’s lost an uncle from a motorbike accident, I’m super glad that you’re all about safety. It’s even better when it is highly comfortable with a removable head liner and cheek pads. I’m not much of a motorbike fan–or know anything about them for that matter–but is the price of this helmet good compared to its competitors? Cheers.

    • Hi Brandon, I’m sorry to hear about your uncle and offer my condolences. Having trained students as a Motorcycle Instructor, I can guarantee that Haul N Ride is highly focused on safety. There are many helmets on the market with removable liners, and this is important if you live in a hot climate. Learning to carry out the slow speed maneuvers necessary to obtain a motorcycle license in summer can create a very sweaty helmet. It is great to be able to freshen them up. The Reevu helmet has surprised me very much. For such clever technology, this helmet arrives onto the market at a price comparable to medium range helmets of the same quality. Definitely worth the investment. Have a great day. Dave

  2. Wow Dave what a fantastic development in safety in not only motorcycle helmets but motorcyclist safety and overall road safety. This sounds absolutely revolutionary. Myself as a non motorcyclist am always very aware and concerned for the safety of motor cyclists; much more vulnerable on roads simply because you don’t have a chassis around you to protect you. I am sharing this will all motor cyclists I know, thanks for writing the review.

  3. Hi Fleur, I am glad to know you will be sharing the review. The more motorcyclists that know about these helmets, the better the outcome. Technology has certainly come a long way and this innovative product has definitely provided a safer experience for both riders and car drivers. Have a great day. Dave

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