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Running Motorcycles on Water – HHO — 2 Comments

  1. This is really cool! Maybe we’ll see a Supercross race that’s entirely powered by water one day. Do you know if this only applies to 4-cycle engines, or would it be possible to do it with a 2-cycle engine also?

    • Hi there, I think this idea would be perfect for the Supercross. Hydrogen is much more efficient than gasoline. As there are much less losses in heat running on HHO, and combustion engines perform with so much more power, I think the riders would have to learn how to control the extra performance their bikes will provide. I have not personally run a 2 stroke engine on HHO, (I have only tried running a 4 cyl Mazda Van as a Shandy (HHO mixed with petrol/gas). However this video demonstrates a single cylinder running on HHO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEKT7ozF3CY Notice the lawnmower has higher revs when he adds HHO to the fuel while running. Higher performance. You will also see clearly that he did not run on anything but pure HHO stored in a baloon. Therefore I believe a 2-cycle engine will also run on HHO. The loud bang in the video highlights the need for a bubbler to suppress flashback (backfire). Thank you for your comment. Happy and safe riding. Dave

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