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Sidecar Reverse Gear – Modification Examples — 2 Comments

  1. My uncle is a rabid motorcycle collector, so I’m sure he will really appreciate this concept if he hasn’t heard of it already. I booked marked this page as I will be seeing him later tonight. One thing I am curious about though, is it compatible with virtually any motorcycle out on the market today?

    • Hi Michel, as far as compatibility with virtually any motorcycle, I cannot confirm. The caravan mover was designed to move caravans and trailers. However, considering it operates by pressing against a tire, I can confidently say it would work on a sidecar if it is has a car tire. The challenge would be securing it to the sidecar chassis. That is where advice from an engineer would be handy. If the sidecar has a motorcycle tire, then I cannot confirm it would work but I imagine it would just stick out a bit each side. I hope your uncle likes the concept. Have an excellent day. Dave

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