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The Dark Side – The Love of Car Tires on Motorcycles — 8 Comments

  1. Wow, great article. I am not much of a motorcycle enthusiast but I do ride as a passenger with one of my dear friends. I am going to send him this website. I am sure he will take a look like you did at the darkside and the regular tires. I know that he uses regular tires now, but I have a feeling after watching some of these videos about pros and cons that he might at least give a car tire on the back a try. He is such a safe rider that I think he will be safe with a car tire , maybe not so square as the later videos shows on the back.
    Great post, loaded with information, and a great learning experience for me.

  2. Hi Bobbi, I am glad you enjoyed the article. Yes I did endeavor to stay neutral to allow the riders the opportunity to provide their point of view. I would love to hear about your friends experience if your friend chooses to try Darksiding. I do not personally believe it to be unsafe, and when the rear tire on my two wheel motorcycle has worn out, I would like to try it too. Have an excellent day. Dave

  3. What a great article! I’m not a motorcyclist but I really learned a lot from this. I had no idea that you could even put a car tire on a bike rim. The visuals and pros and cons are really well thought out.

    Great work! I will be a regular reader.

  4. Hi Nick, I am so glad that this article appeals to non-motorcyclists also. Now that you know about Darkside tires, I bet you will begin to notice bikes running car tires. Just like when you buy a car, you begin to notice that model everywhere. Thank you for your positive comment. Have an awesome day. Dave

  5. As a passenger only, I can only say that I was riding with my husband and really felt like something was different. I lean well considering my husband loves to lean on curves. But something seemed off. I felt like when we were leaning into a curve. I felt like while in the curve it was as if The bike was going to just fall over. I told the husband I thought something was different and he just scoffed. I really didn’t like the feeling. After some time, I just happened to hear a friend remark how do you like that car tire on the bike!! I couldn’t believe it!! So I promptly googled car tires on a cycle and had hubby read all about it!! So glad he listened and was willing to change that car tire the very next day. Maybe for straight long hiways but not for this passenger!!’

    • Hi Brenda, thank you for stopping by and adding your comment. Considering you understand the dynamics of leaning and were used to leaning as a pillion, it is great to hear your feedback of the Dark-Sider experience as a passenger. I think your comment on use on highways is where Darksider would be an advantage for cost saving, however, even on a long trip you are still likely to enter and exit bends, sweeps and corners. It is important that you feel safe to enjoy the ride. Have a great day. Dave

  6. I have been riding on a car tire for 40000 miles. I have a kawasaki 2000cc. From experience on wet roads, riding in hard rain the car tire will grip the road better. It will hold up more weight, an harder to puncher If you where to have a puncher it will hold a repair where as you have to replace a motorcycle tire. There is difference in turning with the dark side. Also when riding on pot hole asphalt roads there is a difference. You do have to get use to riding with a darkside. Use less air in the tire than you would if the tire was on a car. I use 29 psi after breaking the tire in. I am running a triple tread good year. I ran 42 psi for 500 miles the dropped it to 29 psi. Try darkside and deside if it is for you. Everybody is different that is why we ride different bikes. When deciding what psi you like drop it 2 psi at a time until you find the sweat spot.

  7. Hi Serviceman, thank you for dropping by and sharing your valuable feedback of you experience with a car tire riding the dark side.

    I think the advice you provided regarding tire pressure will help a lot of other riders to get the best out of their setup.

    Also thank you for confirming that like Littlefoot7979 you also can get 40,000 miles from a tire.

    You raised a very good point. We should not judge others on their decision, just accept that we are all different and like different bikes. Have an awesome day and ride safe 🙂 Dave

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