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The Dark Side – The Love of Car Tires on Motorcycles — 4 Comments

  1. Wow, great article. I am not much of a motorcycle enthusiast but I do ride as a passenger with one of my dear friends. I am going to send him this website. I am sure he will take a look like you did at the darkside and the regular tires. I know that he uses regular tires now, but I have a feeling after watching some of these videos about pros and cons that he might at least give a car tire on the back a try. He is such a safe rider that I think he will be safe with a car tire , maybe not so square as the later videos shows on the back.
    Great post, loaded with information, and a great learning experience for me.

  2. Hi Bobbi, I am glad you enjoyed the article. Yes I did endeavor to stay neutral to allow the riders the opportunity to provide their point of view. I would love to hear about your friends experience if your friend chooses to try Darksiding. I do not personally believe it to be unsafe, and when the rear tire on my two wheel motorcycle has worn out, I would like to try it too. Have an excellent day. Dave

  3. What a great article! I’m not a motorcyclist but I really learned a lot from this. I had no idea that you could even put a car tire on a bike rim. The visuals and pros and cons are really well thought out.

    Great work! I will be a regular reader.

  4. Hi Nick, I am so glad that this article appeals to non-motorcyclists also. Now that you know about Darkside tires, I bet you will begin to notice bikes running car tires. Just like when you buy a car, you begin to notice that model everywhere. Thank you for your positive comment. Have an awesome day. Dave

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